Gibson Collectors

Joe Bonamassa recently dropped by the Gibson Custom shop in Nashville to talk all things guitar — including the brand-new Collector’s Choice #3, a.k.a. “The Babe.” Gibson Custom recreated Joe’s rare 1960 Les Paul that features a factory-ordered Bigsby vibrato. In the video below, the guitar master discusses the specifics of the original LP, as well as the Collector’s Choice editions, and reveals his own nickname for the guitar — “the Batman.”

Gibson will post a new video next week with the complete interview with Joe Bonamassa, touching on his new album, his signature Epiphone Goldtop and the influence of Eric Clapton.

Here is the band members Joe is bringing for the forthcoming accoustic tour this summer.

– Joe Bonamassa (vocals, guitar)
– Arlan Schierbaum (accordion, pump organ, celeste)
– Gerry O’Connor (Mandolin, fiddle, Irish Banjo)
– Mats Wester (Nyckelharpa)
– Lenny Castro (percussion).

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