The Blues Back To Its Roots

Joe Takes The Blues
Back To Its Roots


Joe Bonamassa “Best Guitarist in the World”  just performed two shows at the iconic Chicago Theatre, bringing the Blues-Rock Guitar Titan back to the musical roots of the genre. Electric blues grew up in Chicago, where young black men migrated from places like the Mississippi Delta and other rural areas. Figures like Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, who helped to introduce and popularize the use of the electric guitar in the blues, established Chicago as the electric blues capital of the world. And Joe has not forgotten those roots. Just recently, Joe released Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks, which documents a landmark concert at the majestic Red Rocks Amphitheatre where Joe played a spectacular tribute to both Wolf and Waters. But those who couldn’t be there don’t have to worry – Joe’s taking some of those songs on the road with him currently during his spring tour. Joe is extremely respectful of this material, but definitely puts his own spin on the music.

The spring tour, with stops including 2 shows in Las Vegas and 3 in Seattle at the Paramount Theatre, wraps up on May 16th. But Joe is not one to rest, and he’ll be back on the road this summer with what promises to be another blockbuster show. This time, Joe will be paying tribute to a different set of bluesmen, the “Three Kings of the Blues,” B.B., Albert, and Freddie King. The Three Kings tour promises to delight blues fans all over the United States as Joe plays hits like “The Thrill Is Gone,” “Born Under a Bad Sign,” “Going Down,” and some surprising deeper cuts. Stopping at some of the nation’s best amphitheatres, including the aforementioned Red Rocks and the legendary Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, the Three Kings tour promises to be a can’t miss event this summer! One thing is for sure – Bonamassa is keeping Chicago blues alive with his fresh, contemporary takes on this classic material.


Source: Best Guitarist in the World


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