Jbonamassa Guitar Safari-2

Best Guitarist In The World – Jbonamassa Guitar Safari Continued

It is no secret that I currently have a lot of very nice guitars. I am the luckiest, most blessed blues boy this side of Indianola. That being said, I always regretted selling my blonde ’63. Fast forward to this past summer, just before I was set to embark on tour, and I was cramming and woodshedding my arse off! All the while I’m checking my usual guitar sites, one of which is owned by my long-time friend Eliot Michael at Rumbleseat Music. I scroll down to his latest inventory when I see a mint, blonde 1963 Stratocaster! A phone call, a trade, and a few shillings later it is in a FedEx box and at my front door. It is beautiful, in perfect condition, and with a full set of tags and a strap. Honestly, it is way better than my original 1963 from almost 20 years ago. So I have my blonde Strat back, and I am loving life. This was Friday.
On Saturday, my great friend and world-renowned photographer Rick Gould rings me up and says I should drive out to La Habra, California, to check out an Olympic White 1963 Stratocaster that the original owner needs to sell in order to make a down payment on his son’s house. In a very fortuitous turn of events, all the guitar dealers had gone to the San Rafael guitar show that weekend, so Rick got the call. Because Olympic White is less desirable than blonde- plus the fact that I had just bought a great guitar- I almost didn’t call. But I did, and on a lazy Sunday, armed with only my checkbook and my addiction, I drive out to see the guitar. Preseason football is echoing out of this modest house on a modest street on the most modest of days when I ring the doorbell.

To be continued.

Source: Best Guitarist in the WorldKing Of Blues 


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