Cream Rises to the Top

Cream Rises to the Top

The recent passing of bassist Jack Bruce was a real loss for those of us who love blues and rock. Bruce was best known for his work in the power trio Cream. The band was only together for a short time, but in that brief span was able to chart a new course for combining blues, rock and psychedelia into a potent and loud mix. Today on the Pickup, Joe picks his favorite five Cream tracks, recalls playing a gig with Jack Bruce and explains how the band continues to influence his career as a musician.

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Los Angeles, CA, August 2, 2013: Today, one of the world’s most popular guitarists and blues-rock stars Joe Bonamassa and co-host Matt Abramovitz (formerly of Sirius Satellite Radio’s blues channel) debut their brand new weekly radio show The Pickup, an entirely unique and highly entertaining show blending music history, carefully curated songs, an encyclopedic knowledge of guitar facts, and illuminating insights into the world of a musician. Whether it’s unusual knowledge of a vintage Les Paul played on an obscure record from the 70s, or a friendly debate on how to name your guitar, each episode weaves together witty banter, fun facts, and amazing stories from the road and the life of a working musician. The show will be streamed every Friday at and episodes will be available to stream anytime. Listen to the debut episode now.

Source: Best Guitarst In The World


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