Best Guitarists with big heart

keeping the blues alive

Jbonamassa Best Guitarists in the World is a natural born Guitar player well known in the world. Jbonamassa helps young musicians through Keeping the blues alive (A non profit organization)

In a recent event Joe surprised his young fan with a souvenir of a hand signed Guitar by Joe himself donated by Ron Connatser to Austin Young is a Colorado spring musician got an opportunity to meet Jbonamassa at a private rehearsal backstage.

Austin met Joe for the first time at the Mile High Blues Festival in Denver in 2009, Joe was headlining the inaugural festival. Joe sat down with Austin and traded guitars and conversation with a 14 year old Austin. That set a lot of things into motion. A few years later Austin was at the “Meet and Greet “ for the Paramount show and I gave him my 4th row seats, I figured he would get more out of it than anyone there that night. I was right! He came away understanding how high the bar had been raised for any aspiring guitarists in the blues genre. Everyone noticed he was beginning to play at another level and since then it’s been a non-stop effort to become a guitarist of note.
Joe as an initive to make & encuroge young musicians from schools started an (A non profit organization)
Keeping the blues alive.

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