King of Blues announces his new Solo

King of Blues announces his new Solo

Guitar superstarLos Angeles, CA: GRAMMY-nominated guitar superstar Joe Bonamassa announces today his brand new solo album Different Shades Of Blue (J&R Adventures) to be released September 23, 2014.


Click here to pre order your copy.Joe Bonamassa Solo Album “Different Shades Of Blue”


Joe Quotes:“It’s been a while since I’ve been involved in the writing on an entire album. So I decided I wanted to make a completely original blues album,” said Bonamassa. “I’ve really had to push myself to make everything I do better than the last project. I know the fans expect it. And I feel like I owe it to the fans to give them an original record after all these years.”

The studio officials have made some aamazing-deals for jbonamassa Fans to grab the goodies at unbelivible prices to catch the new solo from the king of blues.


Classic Rock Magazine Quotes:

“In theory, Joe Bonamassa isn’t at all right for this type of environment. His music works best indoors when he’s in control. But, the man really impresses here with a presentation that straddles blues, rock, jam sessions and sheer bloody good songs. His band is so damn powerful and creative that they keep everyone spellbound for an hour. And Bonamassa himself, while clearly no frontman, is relaxed and at the top of his game.


Tour De Force

This year Joe Bonamassa is nominated for Film Of The Year alongside other great music endeavors: Inside Llewyn Davin, Metallica – Through The Never, The Rolling Stones – Sweet Summer Sun, Hyde Park Live, Supermensch – The Legend Of Shep Gordon, and The Doors – R-Evolution.

Vote for your king of blues Jbonamassa


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